Conducted in partnership with the Jacksonville Chess Club, this Sunday afternoon education opportunity has 3 semesters each year.

Fall, Winter, and Spring.  Each semester consists of eight sessions and includes a free “rated” chess tournament.

There are 5 levels of instruction:

Introduction to Chess

Beginning Chess

Intermediate Chess

Tournament Level 1 Chess

Tournament Level 2 Chess

This program is one of the best for developing solid beginner to intermediate level youth players. Last semester we had 85 kids enrolled and ended with a 60 player tournament. Our goal is to present chess in a way that creates a love for the game and skills improvement in ever player. Along the way, many of them become “chess buds” who socialize and get together away from chess. Our US Chess Certified instructors are great with kids and are tournament players themselves. Our kids continue to astound us with winning performances at local, state and national tournaments.

Click the following link for more details: 2019 Winter Training Program / Kids Club