Starting in 1995 as, George Foote and Scott Pfieffer created an organization to provide scholastic chess opportunities for the students of Northeast Florida.  This included starting school clubs and running multiple tournaments each year.  Our longest running tournament, the “Jacksonville Scholastic City Championship,” has been held consistently for the past 20 years and had as many as 160 students in attendance.

In 2017, Kevin Pryor, President of the Jacksonville Chess Club joined the team and the name was changed to  a 5013(c) Non-for-profit organization.  Both George and Kevin are United States Chess Federation Certified Coaches. now runs a Northeast Florida tournament schedule and many options for schools and students that want to add chess to their educational experience.  We also partner with to provide the highest quality of online training/playing and we run summer camps, mini-camps and exhibitions for students of all skill levels. Please browse our website to learn more about the many opportunities and options we have for schools and scholastic players here in Northeast Florida.

Our goal is to empower students one move at at time!


George Foote – Coach Foote has been a fixture in Jacksonville scholastic chess for over 20 years.  He has taught chess to over 1,000 students in that time, been the tournament promoter/director for the Jacksonville Scholastic Championship since 1997, is a certified USCF coach and TD, and a former Florida  Chess Association Scholastic Board Member.  His students have competed on the local, state, and national level.  Coach Foote’s teaching style accentuates the positive aspects of a students progress as he strives to keep them at the limit of their abilities so they continue to learn and enjoy the great game of chess.

Coach Foote is also the current chairman of the Florida Chess Association outreach committee.

Kevin Pryor – In July 2014, Kevin participated in his first US Chess rated tournament and shortly afterward began working to restore the defunct Jacksonville Chess Club. He is a USCF Local Tournament Director and Certified Chess Coach. Kevin started the JAXCC Tournament Scholastic Series bringing USCF rated competitions to kids while conducting a popular Sunday afternoon Chess Development Program.  The program trains kids to compete at the local, state and national level.

Kevin is also one of the most active tournament directors in the state and also serves as the President for the Florida Chess Association and a Florida delegate to USCF. He is one of the founders of